Complete History of the Junior League of Charleston, WV

1923 The Junior League of Charleston is admitted to the
AJLA (The Association of Junior Leagues of America) with 30 charter members
in January 1923.
1923-24 Well Baby Clinic, Tiskelwah School, Christmas
Baskets, Davis Child Shelter. Driving Public Heath Nurses and Juvenile Court
1924-26 Child Welfare Clinic established, Hospital Visitors
Committee, YMCA Shop Committee, Distribution of milk to needy infants,
Volunteers provided for Red Cross
Nine O’Clock Revue and Circus Ball, each netting over
1926-28 Crescent Center Clinic established “Racquelita” – a musical comedy, nets
1928-30 Kanawha City Well Baby Clinic, Clinic for ill and
disabled children, First play for children presented: “Sleeping
English Country Fair – $1,600 Scribblers Club formed to encourage literary talents
of members. First publication of the “Mountain Ear” (later The News
1930-31 Placement Bureau established, Puppets trouped to
outlying schools
Black and White Ball – $1,400
1931-32 Established the Children’s Theater Cabaret Ball – $1,500
1933-34 JL Orthopedic Clinic started Federal Relief Clinic
for disabled children
Bavarian Ball – $2,700
1934-35 Exhibit of WV artists at Capital Building Cruise Ball and ad-supported magazine section in the
Charleston Daily Mail; net $2,942
System of annual placement interview initiated, First
conference of Junior Leagues of WV held in Charleston
1936-37 Heart Clinic established Junior League Ball – $3,000
1937-38 Free Dental Clinic established Country Fair Ball – $2,330
1939-40 First Children’s Symphony Concert, Puppet Committee
reorganized and “Cinderella” presented to children at Hillcrest
“Dream of a Clown” (cast made up of 80
business and professional men) – nets $2,163
1940-41 Crescent Center Neighborhood House, Child Guidance
Clinic established, Volunteers assisted at Gynecological Clinic and staffed
JL Clinic, Cleveland Symphony Orchestra for children
Americana Ball – $2,556
1942-43 Musical Pictures is begun, Crescent Center
Neighborhood House, Volunteers at Red Cross, Civilian Defense, YMCA Service
center and other war-time agencies
Duo-playing concert by Shaw and Braggioti – net
1943-44 Boys and Girls Club, new project Service Star Ball – $2,660 JL office move to Professional Building
1944-45 JL sponsors a Community Recreation Institute Pin-Up Ball – $2,900
1946-47 JL and Council of Social Work sponsor a Board
Members” Institute for the community, $500 donation to Memorial Hospital
Silver Anniversary Ball – $4,900 Mrs. Ralph Jones of Charleston, Director of Region
IV, elected President of AJLA
1947-48 Dental Clinic in operation, Second donation of $500
to Memorial Hospital Association, Speakers Bureau for proposed Mental Hygiene
1948-49 Third donation of $500 to Memorial Hospital
Visit from AJLA Consultants, Project-Finding
Committee formed
1949-50 Children’s Museum opened, “This is Your
State” – historical radio series is begun
Country Fair – new Ways and Means project
1950-51 “This Week In Charleston” begins
publication, Marionette show “Rumpelstiltskin” trouped to 4,700
Second Country Fair – rained out after five hours
(budget met from surplus)
1951-52 Volunteer Service Bureau started Country Fair – nets $6,000 Minimum standard established for Placement: one full
year or three part time jobs
1952-53 Volunteer Service Bureau puppets League dues raised to $14.00, Visits from two AJLA
1953-54 Children’s Museum budget raised to $4,000 JL Follies – nets $8,000
1954-55 Fall Youth Concert presented by Junior Radio Board (a
JL project) and Charleston Symphony, $1,500 grant to Children’s Museum
Movie premiere of “Daddy Long Legs” –
Visits from AJLA Regional Director
1955-56 Joined Red Cross Blood Program as a donor group, $50
to Boys & Girls Club Christmas party, Children’s Museum presents Audubon,
Screen tours, Hand Puppets initiated
Decorama – $7,602 (compulsory ticket sale voted by
1956-57 Decorama – $8,113 AJLA Regional Conference held in Charleston
1957-58 JL receives citation from National Recreation
Association, Housing Committee appointed to find new home for Children’s
Museum, JL funds recognition pins for Volunteer Service Bureau
“Rivalry” (starring Raymond Massey and
Agnes Moorhead) – $7,628
Visit from AJLA Regional Director
1958-59 $1,000 gift to Children’s Museum, JL coordinates the
“WV Conference on Handicapped Children”, $1,000 gift to Kanawha
Speech and Hearing Center
Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus – $8,241
1959-60 Shoe Fund for Davis Child Shelter, Steering Committee
appointed for Children’s Museum, JL share of Social Work Scholarships raised
to $100
Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus – $5,882 JL dues raised to $20.00, Bylaws reviewed and
clarified, Visit for AJLA Regional Director
1960-61 Two educational safety films purchased (for school
showings), Travelers Aid survey completed
“The King and I” (in cooperation with the
Light Opera Guild) – $8,361, “This Week in Charleston” contributes
$1,000 in excess profits
Visit for AJLA Consultant on Arts to study Children’s
Museum, New brochure on Charleston JL published
1961-62 $5,000 given toward purchase of Sunrise, Children’s
Museum’s new home, JL’s share of Children’s Museum’s budget reduced to
$3,000, Project-finding committee formed, Speech and hearing center added to
JL budget
Town Hall series – nets over $5,000 Visit from AJLA Regional Director
1962-63 $5,000 to Children’s Museum for new planetarium,
$1,500 to Sunrise for operating expenses, $1,000 to Speech and Hearing Center
Town Hall series – nets over $5,000
1963-64 Assisted with Kanawha Welfare Council’s Health Fair,
$1,500 to Sunrise Foundation Inc., $1,000 to Children’s Museum, Education TV
added to projects
Town Hall series – nets just under $5,000, “This
Week” contributes $2,500 in excess profits
State Public Affairs Committee (SPAC) dissolved by WV
Legislature, Visit from AJLA Regional Director
1964-65 $5,000 to Sunrise Foundation, $600 scholarship to
Morris Harvey School of Nursing, Assisted with model UN meeting for Kanawha
County Schools, Assisted with WV Welfare Conference
Town Hall series – nets over $6,000
1965-66 $3,000 to sunrise Foundation, $5,000 pledged to
Marmet-Charleston General Hospital Building Fund, $600 scholarship to Morris
Harvey School of Nursing “It’s A Greater Kanawha Valley”
Town Hall series – nets over $5,000 Revision of Admissions Procedures, Visit from AJLA
Regional Director
1966-67 $3,000 to Sunrise Foundation, $1,500 paid on pledge
to Marmet-Charleston General Hospital Bldg. Fund, School Volunteer program
initiated, “Musical Pictures” – grades 1-4, “Know Your
State” – grades 5-8
Town Hall series – nets $7,431, “This Week”
contributes $2,000
AJLA Placement Institute for Region IV held in
Charleston, Visit by AJLA Puppet Consultant
1967-68 $3,000 to Sunrise Foundation, $2,000 completes pledge
to Marmet-Charleston General Hospital Bldg. Fund, $500 each given to Sunrise
Art Gallery, School Volunteer Program, Boys Club Library, “Musical
Pictures” project turned over to Kanawha Co. Schools
Town Hall, with one evening lecture – nets $6,432 Office space acquired at Daniel Boone Hotel,
Community Advisory Committee formed, Visits from: AJLA President, Regional
Director, Radio-TV Consultant, Puppetry Consultant
1968-69 Three new JL projects approved: 1. Housing –
co-sponsoring 50-100 rent supplement housing units, 2. Infant Tutoring, and
3. Public Affairs TV
Town Hall series – nets $7,000, “This Week”
– nets over $2,000
Community Arts Committee formed, comprised of: Art in
Schools, WV Opera Theater, Puppets, Radio-TV, and Children’s Museum
1969-70 WCHS-TV and JL produce “Crisis: Housing in
Charleston”, JL, Community Council, and City of Charleston sponsor a
“Housing and Community Improvement Seminar”, Volunteers in School
pilot project completed
Town Hall series – nets $2,212, “This Week”
adopted as a Ways and Means project
AJLA Appalachian Seminar held in Charleston, Visit
from AJLA Regional Director, JL office moved from Daniel Boone to Community
Council Office
1970-71 Two new JL projects approved: 1. “Drugs are Like
That” – educational film for 4th and 5th grades 2. Volunteer
Coordinating Center (in coordination with Mid-Appalachian Environment
Service) Firm FHA approval given for building 75 low income housing units for
Vandalia Terrace Housing Corp. (JL and First Baptist Church of Vandalia),
“Call for Action” begun with National Council of Jewish Women &
WTIP, Puppet program turned over to Children’s Museum
Town Hall series – nets $6,323, “This Week”
– nets $3,322
Public Affairs Committee and Ad Hoc Ecology Committee
formed, Charleston JL joins Huntington and Wheeling leagues to support
legislation for early childhood education, AJLA’s name changed to
“Association of Junior Leagues, Inc.” or AJL
1971-72 Groundbreaking held for Vandalia Terrace Housing
project, “It’s a Greater Kanawha Valley” brochure turned over to
Charleston Area Chamber of Commerce, Infant Tutoring project terminated
Town Hall series – nets $2,800 – membership wishes to
discontinue, “This Week” sold to Direct Mail Service Co. for
$2,000, Three new Ways and Means Projects adopted: 1. JL Follies (community
oriented) 2. Bargain Days Sale for 1973-74 3. Regional cookbook – to be
published in 1974-75 and be ongoing fundraiser
Visit from AJL Consultant on JL finance and
administration, Financial forecasting instituted a part of budgeting process,
JL fiscal and administrative year standardized: June 1 – May 31, Revised
structure for JL administrative operation adopted for two year trial period,
AJL adopts new structure, placing Charleston in Area II (43 Leagues) New JL
office – with Ecology Info. Center (JL project)
1972-73 Public Relations Brochure published by Communications
Committee, Community Service Council & Involvement Groups prepare all
Placement and Budget recommendations
50th Anniversary Follies – “On Your Feet” –
nets over $8,000
50th Anniversary celebration begins with champagne
brunch in Jan., Visit from AJL Area Director, Part-time secretary hired, Ad
Hoc Committee formed to study Admissions, one-year presidency
1973-74 “Drugs are Like That” file terminated as a
project, Workshops in the Performing Arts approved as three year project, JL
votes to become a Red Cross Blood Donor group
First “Whale of a Sale” (formerly
“Bargain Days”) – nets over $12,500
50th Anniversary celebration concludes with
Anniversary Ball (Dec), New administrative structure approved, Bylaws
revised, One-year President with VP who succeeds approved (three year trial)
1974-75 Dec. 27 – final closing on Vandalia Terrace Housing
Project (75 units), New project adopted – Group Home for Runaways, Art in
Schools project turned over to Charleston Art Gallery, Ecology Information
Center turned over to CAG, Ad Hoc Public Affairs Committee involved in
Kanawha County textbook controversy
JL Cookbook published – “Mountain
Measures.” 10,000 copies printed initially. By May 1975 the $15,500
printing bill is paid; $12,500 profit realized; reprint of additional 10,000
copies approved
AJL institutes “AMP” (Association
Management Process, or MBO) and trains JL delegates to become AMP trainers,
JL office moves to 1324 Virginia Street East; part-time secretary hired,
Charleston JL chosen by AJL for study as one of 13 “growth leagues”
in the country
1975-76 Daymark (former “Group Home for Runaways”)
accepted as three year project; receives funding from County Court, State
Welfare Department, HEW grant, “Call for Action” and “Deaf
Service Center” phased out, JLC co-sponsors “Town Meeting” (an
Institute of Cultural Affairs program) with Charleston Bicentennial
Commission; also puts on a Children’s Town Meeting, Child Advocacy Committee
begins community survey
Reprint of “Mountain Measures” arrives with
only 19 copies of 1st printing left, Net income June 1975 – April 1976 –
$15,636, 2nd Whale of a Sale nets over $20,000, JLC accepts Ways and Mean’s
Committee’s proposal for no new project in 1976-77. “Mountain
Measures” to continue as on-going project.
League members receive training in AMP, Career
Development, CPR, JL office moved to YWCA at 1114 Quarrier Street, Charleston
JL votes to become a member of SPAC (State Public Affairs Committee) with
other WV Leagues
1976-77 Daymark Inc. expands youth outreach program; opens
“Patchwork” (residence for runaway youth) in Oct., JL co-sponsors a
Summer Program for Hearing Impaired Children with Kanawha County Board of
Education, Workshop in Performing Arts turned over to Board of Education,
“Tree Sense” (ecology project) adopted as 3 year project
Second 10,000 copy reprint of “Mountain
Measures” arrives in November; gross income $20,385, reprint cost
$14,366, net profit $4,862, “Southern JL Cookbook” to be published
by David McKay Publishing Co., will include 20 recipes from “Mountain
SALT (Synergistics and Leadership Training)
introduced, AMP and Career Development skills have been taught to over 75% of
Actives, Charleston JL becomes affiliate member of Kanawha County Dialogue,
1977-78 Daymark’s “Patchwork” serves 500 youth in
2nd year of operation; chosen as one of 20 outstanding nation programs,
Vandalia Terrace Housing project provides 75 units of low cost housing; law
suit against contractor and bonding company still pending, Membership adopts
2 new projects: Art Enrichment and Foster Care Recruitment and 3 committed
activities., JLC votes to endorse Battered Wives Task Force’s community
shelter project
3rd “Whale of a Sale” nets $22,000, 3rd
reprint of 10,000 cookbooks arrives in February (printing cost: $15,096;
gross sales: $26,430), Sales of “Southern JL Cookbook” bring in
$660.76 royalty check from David McKay Co.
CPR taught to over 300 community members, AMP, SALT
and CD training offered to provisionals, committees and active membership,
Alcoholism and Public TV areas researched for possible future JLC involvement
1978-79 “Tree Sense” (ecology project) enters 3rd
and final year of JLC participation, Community Projects recommends 2 new
projects, 4 committed activities, “Patchwork” is 3rd largest group
home serving runaway youth in the nation. “Checkpoint” and
“Turning Point” are outreach arms, Vandalia litigation continues
Foster Home Recruitment nets 132 inquiries to Dept. of Welfare
“Mountain Measures” – 38,200 cookbooks sold
to date. Fourth reprint (15,000 copies) delivered in May. Cookbook price
increased to $5.95, JLC gears up for October 1979 “Whale of a Sale”
JLC presents a community conference, “Future on
the Family”, Public Affairs Committee hosts January SPAC meeting. Debate
on Equal Rights Amendment leads to all-member mailing and a Concern Coffee
for Sustainers to discuss JLC’s position on ERA, JLC Board of Managers holds
its first Board Retreat
1979-80 Membership approves several new projects and
activities: Hospital Coloring Book, Sensory Perception Center, Children’s
Detention Home, Day Care Center, Elderly Task Force, Red Cross work,
“Tree Sense,” Apple Corps and Drug Committee projects active in
Kanawha County Schools, Three $1000 Volunteer Educational Scholarships
presented to Kanawha County graduating seniors, plus one $500 gifted program
4th Whale of a Sale nets $22,600 The Nominating Committee institutes a self-submission
policy, JLC membership votes to change from a secret to non-secret admissions
policy, Charleston JL and First Baptist Church representatives are invited to
make a presentation at AJL Annual Conference in Toronto on the Vandalia
Terrace Housing project (the only successful League-sponsored housing project
in the country)
1980-81 5,000 educational coloring books published and
presented to Charleston Area Medical Center Foundation, $3,000 donation to
Patchwork, $2,600 to Domestic Violence Center, Three $1,000 Volunteer
Scholarships presented to graduating high school seniors, JLC membership
chooses two major focus areas: The Family and Cultural Enrichment
“Mountain Measures” – the membership votes
to reprint 20,000 cookbooks, Charleston JL and Huntington JL make proposal
and are awarded contract to co-host Southern Conference Basketball Tournament
in March of 1982
JL dues are raised to $45 for Actives and
Provisionals, $35 for Sustainers, Community Advisory Board re-established, JL
adopts AJL position statement on children, enabling Advocacy Committee to
lobby for legislation relating to children
1981-82 Discovery Center (new project co-sponsored by JLC and
Sunrise) opens, Membership votes to co-sponsor a Nature Center and Starlight
Project at Sunrise, Six year Vandalia lawsuit finally settled for $9,200,
Research begun on establishing a Ronald McDonald House (with CAMC), Three
Volunteer Scholarships of $1,000 each awarded, $6,000 donation to Patchwork
Membership votes to publish a sequel to very
successful “Mountain Measures” cookbook, to be entitled
“Mountain Measures: A Second Serving”, Southern Conference
Basketball Tournament held at Charleston Civic Center in March nets $7,000
for each of the co-sponsoring Leagues (Huntington and Charleston)
Bylaws revision: maximum age for a Provisional raised
to 37; for an Active to 45, JLC supports 7 legislative issues during 1982
Legislative session,Charleston JL one of 15 in country invited to participate
in a Child Welfare Conference, JL sponsors a Cookbook Seminar and a
Grantsmanship Workshop for community organizations
1982-83 “Starlight” (JL project with Sunrise) has
grand opening in October, $13,500 given toward development of Nature Center
at Sunrise: opens in March, $1,500 for maintenance of Nature Center given as
60th Anniversary gift, $6,000 to Family Services Sexual Assault Information
Center, Membership approves matching grant to Daymark of up to $5,000, Ronald
McDonald House approved as 2 year project; $20,000 pledged, Three $1,000
Volunteer Scholarships awarded
2nd Southern Conference Basketball Tournament nets
$11,000 each for co-sponsors, JL’s of Huntington and Charleston,
“Mountain Measures” goes for another reprint; price raised to
$9.95, Recipes being tested for “Mountain Measures: A second Serving”
JL office moves to South Hills Plaza, 60th
Anniversary of Charleston JL celebrated with gala brunch, Immediate past
President at AJL is guest speaker at Charleston JL’s Annual Meeting, Minimum
age for Provisional raised from 18 to 21
1983-84 Ronald McDonald House given $10,000 as first
installment of JL pledge, Seven Volunteer Scholarships of $450 each awarded
6th Whale of a Sale nets $24,000, New mini
fundraiser, “Junior League Days at Stone & Thomas” – $4,500,
“Mountain Measures” A Second Serving” delivered to printer;
publication set for fall 1984, JL endowment fund started with $500 donation
Acting on a recommendation from AJL, the membership
votes to add the following to the Bylaws: “The JL of Charleston WV, Inc.
does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, religion or nation
1984-85 Puppeteer for “Kids on the Block”
(educational puppets) begin training, Ground-breaking for Ronald McDonald
House, Three $1,000 Volunteer Scholarships awarded
“Mountain Measures: A Second Serving”
published and promoted, “Mountain Messages” (formerly the
Newssheet) begins selling advertising
New Future Plan introduced mini-grant policy
approved, JL dues raised to $55 for Actives and Provisionals; $45 for
1985-86 Grand opening of Ronald McDonald House in November,
Six Volunteer Scholarships awarded – 3 for $750 and 3 for $500
7th Whale of a Sale nets $42,944, New fundraiser,
Stationery Sales, begins its sales campaign, Ad Hoc Cookbook Committee formed
to market CJL’s two cookbooks (JL Publications)
Cluster meeting of 5 WV Leagues held in Fairmont,
Junior League Day at the Legislature sponsored by Advocacy Committee
1986-87 JL membership approves 3 projects: 1. Childwatch
(adolescent pregnancy research project) 2. Parenting Seminars 3. Read Aloud
WV, Five Volunteer Scholarships totaling $3,500
“Calico Christmas” raffle – $7,321, Monte
Carlo social nets $2,500, Cookbooks – approx. $35,000, Stationery Sales –
Cluster meeting of 5 WV Leagues held in Fairmont,
Streamlining Ad Hoc Committee appointed to study internal JL structure and
community impact
1987-88 New focus are adopted: “Intervening on behalf of
the children at risk”, New projects presented: 1. Turning On… Turning
Off” (drug education program using puppets) 2. Childwatch II 3.
Grantsmanship, JL receives $21,000 from Governor’s Drug-Free Committees Fund
for “Turning On… Turning Off”, Violence on View survey conducted
in selected Kanawha County Schools, Volunteer Scholarships awarded totaling
8th Whale of a Sale – $29,934.68, Stationery Sales –
$3,000, Monte Carlo – $2,521, Cookbooks – approx. $32,000
Streamlining Ad Hoc Committee presents report:
Charleston JL membership adopts the Council System of internal organization,
New job descriptions written for all-new Placement Brochure
1988-89 JL co-sponsoring “Kaleidoscope” (summer
mini-project) with Hallmark Cards, Charleston JL and VMAP co-sponsor a
Volunteer Recognition Seminar, New project approved: Violence on View, Video
violence bill introduced by JL in WV Legislature
Monte Carlo – over $7,000, Stationery Sales continue First Provisional Retreat held, Marketing Seminar led
by AJL Board member, First comprehensive Annual Report published and
distributed to 600 community leaders and organizations, $32,000 given to
community (a 45% increase)
1989-90 New project: Teen Outreach Program (contract with
Capital High School), Video labeling bill introduced In WV Legislature
(Violence on View), and signed into law in March, Volunteer scholarships
presented at Community Volunteer Reception
9th Whale of a Sale – $21,000, Monte Carlo – $7,500 $2,000 sent to JL of Charleston, SC, for Hurricane
Hugo relief, AJL changes name to Association of Junior Leagues International
1990-91 Governor’s Committee on Crime and Juvenile
Delinquency grants PARD (Public Affairs Research and Development Committee)
$9420 for after-school Day Care program, Volunteer Scholarships awarded
Talbot’s Grand Opening Benefit – $1,000, Burger King
Classic nets $818.00, Monte Carlo – approx $5,500, “Mountain
Measures” goes for 8th printing
Ad Hoc Committee on Membership presents report,
Mentor program developed, Visit from AJLI Diversity Support Team
1991-92 WV Harvest a new project, PARD Committee completes
Sister League Survey, Provisional Group project – “Hope House”
10th Whale of a Sale – approx. $51,000, Burger King
Classic, Cookbooks – $26,000
JL represented on Regional Family Resource Network,
Long Range Planning underway, AJLI Partnership Project adopted as revised at
Annual Conference
1992-93 Kaleidoscope – co=sponsored by JLC and Hallmark
Cards, Provisional Project – Salvation Army room, Volunteer Scholarships
awarded, WV Harvest delivers over 15,000 pounds of food
10th Whale of a Sale grosses approx. $51,000, Burger
King Classic, Cookbooks – $26,000, Advertising revitalized to offset printing
costs of newssheet, Sale of Holiday Cards
$500 sent (through JL of Miami, FL) for Hurricane
Andrew relief, Charleston JL representatives inducted into “Southern
Living” Community Cookbook Hall of Fame, JLC Board approves Long Range
Plan, Jan begins JLC’s 70th Anniversary, Anniversary gift of $1,000 and
pledge of 1/2 gate receipts from 1993 Whale of a Sale to Sunrise Children’s
1993-94 JLC hosts regional training program for TOP (Teen
Outreach Program), Volunteer Scholarships awarded, two at $1,000, one at
$500, CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) – new placement,
“Birdhouse” – AIDS education program for 6th graders – debuted by
puppeteers, Provisional Project – a coloring book to accompany
“Stuffee” (Sunrise’s 9-foot health education doll)
Sale of Holiday Cards – $8,000, 11th Whale of a Sale
nets $37,657.54, Lonestar Steakhouse Opening and Reception – $1,300, JLC
considers a scenic Charleston coverlet for city’s Bicentennial (1994)
1993 – 70th Anniversary Year of the Junior League of
Charleston, Sustainer surveys done, “First Friday” social event for
JL members and friends initiated
1994-95 A pilot pocket project was picked to be planned and
completed in April at the Glenwood Family Resource Center, Volunteer
scholarships awarded, Special placements for 1995-96 considered. Reshaping
the way we do business, Many mini-grants awarded, Ten-year (silver, lapel)
pins given to four Actives
A coverlet was designed and sold to honor
Charleston’s Bicentennial, Holiday greeting cards selects new artists for
this year’s cards, Monte Carlo held at Edgewood
An JLC pendant for current, future and past
Presidents, A Cross Functional Team (CFT) was formed and chaired by Lisa
Pauley, Gina Rugeley did a mid-year check with the Board, DAL sent postcards
to those who missed General Membership Meetings, Copier donated by American
Office Systems, Provisional reunions with Speak-Ups to discuss AJLI’s
criterion for membership
1995-96 Red Cross Blood Drive held at Office, Pockets
projects planned were Secret Santa and Vandalia Playground design, Volunteer
scholarships awarded
Gate receipts from 12th Whale of a Sale, $2,000,
given to Daymark, Whale of a Sale back at the Civic Center, nets $24,000, Art
Auction voted on as fundraiser for Fall 1996
Blizzard of 1996, One ten-year award given to an
Active, Significant others were invited to attend February Social Membership
Meeting, Creation of a new SLOGO initiated, Preparations made for new carpet
to be installed at the office
1996-97 Eight Pocket Projects completed, Six Volunteer
Scholarships of $500 each awarded
Art Auction nets $8,000, “Mountain
Measures” reprinted; marketing plan with Jarrett/Aim
Ten-year service award given to one Active, New
office carpet and paint, Fax machine and line installed, Computer and printer
acquired, New logo and t-shirts and tote bags, Two Provisional classes.
2001-02 New Project accepted – Tiskelwah Center on
Charleston’s West Side
2002-03 $1,000 to Tiskelwah Center, Provisional Class donates
jungle gym to YMCA
2003-04 $1,000 to Tiskelwah Center Whale of a Sale – nets over $40,000, Spring Style
Show – nets $2,700, Art Auction – nets $4,500, Building Community Over
Cocktails – nets over $10,000
Move office to 1218 Virginia Street East, Part-time
secretary hired
2004-05 Tiskelwah Center Building Community Over Cocktails – nets over $21,000 Moved office to 184 1/2 Summer Street in the Coyle
2005-06 Focus on “Done in a Day” Projects and
Developed Junior League Infants and Childrens Foundation (JLICF), a permanent
committee devoted to accessing community needs and how the League can fulfill
Building Community Over Cocktails
2006- 07 Established three-year partnership with the Gabriel
Project to address the needs of pregnant women and those with young children
1st Annual Boo Ball and Building Community Over
Moved to 405 Capitol Street
2007- 08 Continued partnership with the Gabriel Project and
had monthly focus on “Done in a Day” Projects
Boo Ball and Building Community Over Cocktails 85th Anniversary Celebration
2008- 09 Wrapped up partnership with the
Gabriel Project and designated the NICU Family Support Program as our next
Signature Project
Boo Ball and Building Community Over
Introduced environmentally friendly
reusable totes and changed name of “Done in a Day” Projects to
“Impact” Projects