Active Membership
Active members are those members who have completed the provisional experience and satisfy the active membership requirements.

Active members remain in good standing by demonstrating volunteer service to the Charleston community and the League as stated in the current membership policy of the Junior League of Charleston and the Association of Junior Leagues International.

Active members participate in one (or more) of the many different Junior League of Charleston placements.

All active members must:

  • Submit annual dues in the amount of $160.00 (before April 1 – dues paid by March 1st eligible for a $20 early bird discount, paid after April 1 are assessed a $20 late fee and applicable reinstatement fees)
  • Attend 5 of 8 General Membership meetings per League year
  • Contribute 12 hours of service to our community partners and projects
  • Participate in and fulfill all Placement requirements
  • Participate in fundraising events

Active Gold Membership

Members may elect active gold status after four years of active membership.  Active gold status relieves a member of her choice of service hour requirement or fundraising requirements.

Sustainer Membership
Sustaining members are those members who have fulfilled the active membership requirements and who continue to support the League and the community.